Jissen Budo International (JBI) is an organisation of senior and accomplished martial artists who assist others in developing their skill sets in regard to real fighting, while promoting the true spirit of budo. The name itself translates as the ‘warrior way’ or ‘martial way’ (budo) of ‘real fighting’ (jissen). In essence, its aim is to return the focus of martial arts training to practicality, applicability and development of a combative mindset. It does this by bringing together like-minded instructors and fighters of a high calibre to share knowledge and hone their all-round fighting skills. Leading this charge are JBI founders Shihan-Cho (Head of Organisation) Paul Cale, 7th Dan, and Deputy Chief Instructor Shihan Darren Jordan, 6th Dan. They are supported in the movement by Saiko Komon (Senior Advisor) Kyoshi Bryson Keenan, 8th Dan.

Jissen Budo also sets a standard when it comes to combative martial arts. Through a solid testing framework and access to senior instructors of established budo training systems, it provides both examination and recognition of fighting skills. This gives martial artists an opportunity to apply their different skill sets together and develop them as one. They can then be tested by instructors who are highly qualified in multiple martial systems, and who understand the process of integrating them successfully.

Jissen Budo practice incorporates its key constituent martial arts: Kyokushin karate, Brazilian and Japanese jiu-jitsu, aikido, judo, Kudo Daido Juku, modern mixed martial arts (MMA), wrestling and Kinetic Fighting–Integrated Combat (KEF–IC). However, rather than being a new ‘style’ of martial art, Jissen Budo is an organisation devoted to providing direction for all budoka who seek combat-oriented training and evaluation. Jissen Budo instructors focus on practical outcomes and upholding a standard of training that ensures them. As such, any effective skill that any member brings to our mat sessions is welcome; achieving the objective of success in combat is central to meeting the standard that Jissen Budo sets.

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